How do I choose a
promotional product to
keep me Top-of-Mind and

When selecting a promotional item keep these
Key Attributes of Effective Promotional Gifts in mind:

Unexpected  •  Unique  •  Useful

Impact  •  Longevity  •  Value*  •  Lasting Impression

Then consider your: 

Whether Promoting Awareness & Good Will,
Extending your Corporate Identity, Building Customer Loyalty
or Motivating your Employees/Sales Force,
efine you Goal(s) and have a plan in place to measure your success.

Company Persona/Message
Select a promotional product that reflects your brand image and bears
a natural relationship to your profession or communications theme.

Target Audience
"The key is identifying the item that is most useful to your customers or potential customers.
There are many items that are inexpensive but very useful day to day.
People keep promotional items for months even years.       

Budget vs...                                
Promotional products offer the best ROI (Return on Investment) in marketing and advertising.
They deliver significant numbers of impressions so
their CPI (Cost-Per-Impression) can be as little as a fraction of a cent
.        ~Manta

...*Perceived Value
You don't have to break your budget -
There are many inexpensive items that are highly valued as they're useful day to day.
People keep these promotional items for months even years.



• Use multiple marketing channels to drive business, and find customers (social media, print, direct mail, radio and mobile.

• Have a cohesive, well-planned campaign.

Choose SullivanSzarek because “Our Business is Promoting Your Business!” With over 15 years experience finding the perfect item to fill diverse promotional goals, we are an authorized distributor for thousands of promotional products, offering the highest quality merchandise.

• Promotional Products with inferior quality, a limited shelf life (except food gifts).

• Poor graphics that don’t clearly convey your company’s contact information.

Don't get caught up in the latest fun gimicks, falling prey to the latest trends or fads.

• Picking an item based solely on uniqueness, price
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