Promotional Products
encompass a wide range of merchandise
(practical, entertaining or decorative)
which, when imprinted with your company information, becomes
an effective tool supporting your marketing efforts.
Promotional Products
work by
Grabbing Your Prospects’ Attention
Staying a Visible Reminder of You

Promotional Products
Promote awareness & good will
Extend your corporate identity
Motivate your employees/salesforce
Build customer loyalty
Activate the "
Law of Reciprocity"!


Q: What promotional item will
      keep me Top-of-Mind and

A: That depends...
on Your Goal...
on Your Target Audience...
  on Your Company's Persona...
on the Message you want to send...
There is no one-size-fits-all promotional product!
The variety of promotional products available can be overwhelming so
to find the most effective item you'll first need to define your Goal

Q: Aren't promotional items
     really expensive?
A: No, not necessarily.
Promotional Products are generally much less expensive than traditional forms
of advertising, such as newspaper, TV and magazine ads.
And Promotional Gifts are more effective because they have a much longer shelf-life. They're kept and remembered long after traditional advertising is forgotten.

Q: How do I choose?
A: There are several Key Points to need to know


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